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Veggie Farmers Cheese

Wholesome Farm-Fresh Cheeses

Simple and delicious cheeses found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Veggie Farmers Cheese »

Bone-In Ham

The Best Country Smoked Hams

Gently smoked over real hickory to create tender, juicy hams packed with flavor. Bone-In Ham »

Ring Bologna

Signature Pennsylvania Dutch Meats

The classic taste of Amish country meats shipped directly to your home. Ring Bologna »

Meat Products

Farm Fresh Lancaster County Meats

We take pride in the variety of genuine smoked ham, Lebanon bologna, smoked sausage, and other superior meats we carry at Amish Foods. Only the finest cuts of meat will pass our high standards.

All of our authentic Amish country meats are available to you year-round and can be shipped right to your door.

PA Dutch Country Cheeses

All-Natural PA Dutch Country Cheeses

From spicy pepper jack to mild Farmers cheese, we carry a wide selection of the best PA Dutch Country cheeses that are sure to please any palate.

Our cheeses are great for cooking, snacking, or for party trays. All cheese orders are wrapped to preserve freshness and taste, as if you were sampling a bite at a Lancaster County farmers market.

Order some today!

Pennsylvania Dutch Specialties

Pennsylvania Dutch Specialties

Lancaster County has an abundance of traditional, wholesome foods that are favorites of both locals and visitors. Sweet treats, such as shoofly pie and whoopie pies, and fresh homemade fruit spreads and jams, are closely tied to the PA Dutch country food culture.

At Amish Foods, we want to bring a taste of Lancaster’s Amish country to you.